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Counterexploitation, a philosophy of recognising and dealing with the myriad commercial, political, etc. forces that make their riches & further their agendas by standing on the backs of the very people they are purportedly here to benefit. Look carefully into your own life, no matter who you are, and you will see the countless instances of man exploiting man. The counterexploitation philosophy is centered around freeing oneself from these exploiters who aim, at every turn, to rob from you a little of your time, a little of your money, a little of your freedom. They range from glaring examples from our past--slavery--to more subtle instances which threaten to be a part of our daily lives, like the street dealer who peddles addictive dope to your children or the companies that make their millions by selling away your privacy, byte by personally-identifying byte.

For those out there who see the effort put into this specific site, with this specific focus, and want to ask me "Like what are you anyway, some kind of nut job?", my answer is "maybe", and my philosophy on it is very simple: It seems like everywhere I turn these days, some greedy bozo is there waiting to take a bite out of me, and it pisses me off. Some folks don't mind being jerked around like that, some don't even seem to notice...but I for one can't stand it, the mere thought makes my blood boil. The aim of this site is to provide a repository of counterexploitation info to aid the everyday citizen in safeguarding against his or her own exploitation (and where necessary, beating the money-grubbing commercialists at their own game).


A list of common questions and answers is here.


The content of this site is protected by copyright. Files may be saved, printed, copied, etc. for personal use. You can quote materials from the site, and make use of the materials freely as allowed by the US Fair Use Doctrine. Please credit the source if you excerpt any materials :) You are not allowed to sell access to any of these materials or redistribute them for profit, or otherwise commercially exploit them, without the written permission of the author. This includes selling books, CD-ROMs, etc. containing documents lifted from the site.
Any other materials used in this site (materials used from other sources, guest write-ins, messageboard entries, etc.), excepting materials as described under "Policy regarding Harassing, Abusive, or Otherwise Objectionable Communications" (below) remain the property of their respective owners. Please respect the rights of myself and others; ask for permission from the author before copying any guest-written materials.

Privacy Policy

Everyone else has one, why shouldn't I? For information about how any personal information you provide is used, see my lo-and-behold Privacy Policy. Mostly it says what kind of traffic stats are available to me, and that your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone.

Disclaimers - telling Liability to go bite a rock since 1999.

Disclaimer of liability for any injury occurring while reading the disclaimer. You have been warned. Shutdown that table saw now!
The following disclaimers are very boring. Do not read while driving or operating heavy machinery. In no event will anyone but you be held responsible as a result of personal injury arising from your falling asleep while reading any disclaimers appearing herein.

The information contained within this web site, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material, is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. While methodology detailed herein could potentially be used maliciously or to facilitate activities which are unlawful, this is not the intent. We do not condone the commission of unlawful acts: in particular, we do not condone the use of any information presented herein to commit unlawful acts or for the furtherance of any unlawful activities.
In English: This site is provided solely as an informational resource. It will not surprise me if someone, somewhere, finds a way to use something they read here in a naughty way. People are ingenious like that. However, information is provided exclusively for lawful purposes.

The page author(s) can and do make no warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness or usability of any information presented here. In no event shall the page author(s) be held liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages arising from your use or mis-use of this information.

In English: Things change, and people can make mistakes. Even us, the paragons of godlike infallibility. So, if we write up something on Tuesday saying Sanford Wallace is selling crack to children, and on Thursday he changes his mind and starts selling heroin instead, whatever we wrote up is now completely wrong. Especially if the article was written Tuesday two years ago. Sorry folks, that's how this 'time' thing works. So, kindly drop us a line if you find an error or outdated material - but keep your damn lawyer on a leash, mmkay? If you're one of the ingenious people mentioned above, or are relying on some information you found here as if the fate of the free world depends on it, don't come pointing the finger at us if this gets you in trouble, messes up your computer, makes your girlfriend dump you, or crashes the Universe or something. As a general rule, "But some guy on the Internet told me..." is not much of a defense to anything.

Policy regarding Harassing, Abusive, or Otherwise Objectionable Communications

To quote ORBS: "ANY message that mentions the words "lawyer" or related terms in particular will very likely be posted."

E-mail sent to the staff of this site will remain confidential, and will not be reproduced without permission, except in the following circumstance: The staff of this site reserve the right to archive, copy, reproduce, redistribute and make derivative works of any communication, via electonic mail, postal mail, telephone, instant message or any other media, which is in our sole discretion:

Any such material shall become the property of CounterExploitation. The staff shall be the sole arbiter(s) of what constitutes a communication fitting the above descriptions. Upon receipt of any such communucation, or notification of receipt of any such communication by a party associated with the site, the staff reserve the right take to take action as necessary to protect their rights and interests, with or without prior notice to the person(s) or group(s) responsible for said communication. If you do not agree to these terms, do not harass the webmaster(s).
In English: If you send the ops any type of threatening, harassing, or otherwise objectionable communications, we reserve the right to make them public, send them to anyone we please (including the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, the media, law enforcement, fringe terrorist groups, yada yada), or publicly ridicule the senders of these materials without their notice or permission. In particular, corporate dick-waving of any sort will not be tolerated. And don't try to claim copyrights to get it removed; it now belongs to us! Finally, disclosure applies to more than just publishing your bull on the Web. If you engage in any serious harassment of any staff member or contributor, including death threats and bogus lawsuits/SLAPPs, we will pursue any actions necessary (including litigation, criminal prosecution, or the application of high voltage to our doorhandles) to protect our lives, civil rights or other interests. SLAPP us and we'll slap you back! ;)

Spam Policy
We detest spam and have zero tolerance for any spam passing through our machines. Click SPAM Policy to find out what'll happen to you if you spam us.
This section of legalese is here to help us collect monetary damages from any spammers who think our computing facilities have "Spammer playground" written on the side.

"Spampoena" Policy
A spampoena is an overbroad subpoena of dubious validity "served" by email to unnamed recipients throughout cyberspace. It is CEXX.ORG's policy to ignore such materials, and to pursue avenues of recourse should they become a nuisance. We also reserve the right, at our option, to apply the Spam Policy to spampoenas and seek monetary compensation for the use of our computing resources and bandwidth.

Guest Write-Ins and Third Party Content
(including guestbooks, forums, messageboards and other free-response media)
"Third-party Content" includes guest write-ins and reader submissions, posts made on a message board or similar media, and materials legally obtained from another source or Web site (used with permission, of course). Excepting harassing materials described above, Third-Party Content remains the property of its original author. While every effort will be made to provide a wealth of publicly-accessible information, the webmaster(s) of this site reserve the right to reject (not publish) a user-submitted material for any reason or no reason at all, or to remove a user-submitted material which is vulgar, unlawful, useless... Anyone submitting materials (you) retains the right to request the materials be removed at any time. Any such request will be honored as soon as possible.
Neither the staff of this site nor their families, friends, acquaintances, ISPs, upstream providers, countries, etc. shall be held in any way liable for any third-party content appearing on this site.
In English: Feel free to give us stuff to post. But remember that (a) We can delete it (for any reason or none), (b) You can make us delete it (for any reason or none), and (c) We assume no responsibility for it whatsoever. E.g. if you post a defamatory message on our message boards, and some sue-happy loser sees it and goes out for blood, it'll be your blood and not ours. So for your own happiness, please don't put any illegal shite on our site! (Yes, I know that rhymes.)

Third Party Sites (this should probably go under "Guest Write-Ins and Third Party Content")
"Third Party Sites" refers to sites or other materials which are stored on the server but are not authored or controlled by Bill or any of the C/X people. These sites are the property and responsibility of their respective creators, and disclaims any liability for the content of these sites/areas.
In English: This site includes some stuff that Bill and the guys don't control, e.g. places where we've given away server space to another site. Bill doesn't go around dissecting these files with a fine-toothed comb and doesn't actively monitor the content of these areas. Any concerns about those contents should be addressed to their owner(s), and not the C/X folk.

An eye for an eye
We take an exceptionally dim view of sue-happy idiots wasting our time by necessitating our dealing with lawyers and running up our expenses. To put it bluntly, we don't like it when a bonehead CEO or hired shark-tank with not enough understanding of how this country was meant to work begins rattling a saber at us, hoping to abridge our rights for no other reason than to inch their profitability or stock prices up a bit by censoring well-deserved negative press. Looking to do a little pre-IPO spring cleaning? Go do it somewhere else. As a general rule of thumb, do not expect us to frighten easily. We've been there and done that--if you have the idea that waving a poorly-written piece of legal paper at us will have us downloading brownware into our jockeys, you've probably got a surprise in store. If you insist on waving paper at us anyway, we suggest that you make damned sure that there is a solid claim behind it, even if it means (for all you sharks out there) making your client assert that the statements they've made to you will stand "under penalty of perjury". We will act to protect our rights and, where possible, recover damages incurred by meritless paper-waving.

The end of days

Any use of this product, in any manner whatsoever, will increase the amount of disorder in the universe. Although no liability is implied herein, the consumer is warned that this process will ultimately lead to the Heat Death of the universe.

Trademarks and the obligatory "Lawsuits suck ass."
"All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners."
Lawsuits suck ass.

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