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I will tell you how to contact us, but first, please read the following. We are currently receiving over 100 emails per day (including spam), and there are simply not enough man-hours to answer them all. The following guidelines should help ease the load and provide faster responses for everybody...

Time-Sensitive Issues
For time-sensitive issues relating directly to administration of this Web site, send mail to . Examples of such an issue include:

Please note that other types of mail (help requests, comments & suggestions) are not appropriate for this account and may be forwarded to another account or deleted without a reply.

While reasonable effort is made to check this account near-daily, no guarantee can be made.

Press inquiry
If you represent a reputable news source and require immediate information for an upcoming story, please use the time-critical address above. If possible, provide a deadline by which a response is needed.

Selling Stuff
If you are planning to contact us to discuss link / banner exchanges, affiliate programs, and so forth, please do us both a favor and don't. We do not accept paid advertising or affiliate programs of any kind, regardless of whether the payment is in the form of money, hits, link placement, good karma, or ripe avocados. For those of you marketing types who insist on finding out my home phone number and making unsolicited phone calls about such arrangements, you are hereby put on notice that I keep an air horn next to my phone for exactly this occasion. Still have visions of banner exchange dancing in your head? Read this, then go away.

So You Want To Sue Me
Living in the United States as I do, I guess it comes with the territory. Keep in mind, however, that unless it's money you want, your interests would be better served by a polite, non-threatening letter that clearly explains your position and any necessary supporting evidence, etc. (If it is indeed money you want, you're really barking up the wrong tree. Go arrange a slip-n-fall at Wal*Mart or something.) Threatening letters hinting at legal action will serve only two purposes:

  1. Put our staff on the defensive, greatly reducing the chances that anyone here will want to co-operate with you (or speak with you directly at all, or acknowlege receipt of your letter/tirade, or...)
  2. Give us material to publish, thus letting the world know what a big litigating meanie-head you are. As stated in our site policies, all letters of a threatening nature become our property upon submission.

Macintosh Spyware?
Sorry, I haven't heard anything about Mac spyware. I don't even know it exists. If you have information pertaining to Macintosh spyware, please tell me; lots of people want to know.

General computer trouble
Unfortunately, I am unable to provide "Helpdesk" support for general Windows or computer issues, and my knowledge on common office applications is not extensive. You may have better luck on the MS Support site or for Windows issues.

Pop-up ads of unknown origin
Easy things first, download a free copy of Spybot Search&Destroy and see if it detects any spyware or advertising parasites on the system. A few well-known spyware apps are responsible for 90% of reports of this problem. If this finds nothing, try disabling suspicious BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) using a program such as BHO Cop.

Attachments and specimens
Please do not send large attachments or "this might be spyware" specimens unless requested. These can "overflow" the mail account, preventing other mails from being received due to a lack of storage space. If you suspect you may have found a new type of spyware and want someone to investigate it, kindly post a message on our message boards.

Ads on free web pages
There is a place on the message boards for discussion of Free Web Hosts. But please don't mail me asking about free web hosts, or how to remove their advertising, etc. No reply will be made to such mails.

Can I have your Spam Policy?
Yes! Feel free to take a copy for your own site.

My email address is
billw at cexx dot org

Note to spammers: Please read this site's Zero Tolerance SPAM Policy before attempting to use this email address for commercial purposes. By sending any mail to the above address, senders indicate that they have read and agree with the terms of this policy.