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Dummy files for neutering spyware
These dummy files are drop-in replacements for unwanted spyware modules that may be violating your privacy. These allow you to execute a spyware-dependent program (e.g. Drug Dealer Ware) to recover data if its modules have been deleted, without worrying about unwanted connections being made behind your back. The dummy files can also be used without ad-supported software, to prevent such spyware files from being installed in the future.

Ethics warning: These dummy files are presented to give end-users an effective tool against hidden, undisclosed spyware, spyware included with legitimately purchased software or hardware, software installed without the user's consent, "Drug Dealer Ware", and similar exploitive practices; as well as for proactive protection against future spyware infections. These files are not provided with the intention that you violate the license of the software: it may be a violation of the license to use spyware-dependent software after removal of spyware components; check with your software license before installing. CEXX.ORG explicitly and without limitation disclaims all liability for your use of these tools.
Note for Pest Patrol users: There is a known false positive detection of the dummy CD_CLINT.DLL as "Misc." in Pest Patrol version 4.

  • Dummy replacement DLL for Cydoor advertising system (48kb)
  • written in C++, source included
  • Not a dummy replacement, but a batch file that renames and disables Cydoor when not in use. 
  • Designed for use with IMesh, but can be adapted for other programs.
We intend to write a dummy replacement for this spyware product as soon as we can obtain the Conducent SDK. Since the company went out of business, this file in longer available from them. If you have a copy, please send a copy.
Aureate/Radiate (Link: Download "")
  • Dummy replacement DLLs for defunct Aureate advertising system. These files are published by the Fravia site and written by "garph0".
  • Return TRUE for all function calls; calls to show an ad return the author's name as text.
  • Find and replace each Aureate/Radiate file with the appropriate dummy file.


Neutering Spyware
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These files are created by independent authors and generously donated for use by the spyware-afflicted. All copyrights are retained by the creators.
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