TI82 Games

 These are games and utils I've written for the TI-82 graphing calculator from Texas Instruments. All should also work on the TI-83 unless a seperate 83 version has been posted. All the games on this page will fit easily into your calc's memory, and great pains have been taken to shrink most of them as much as possible. Who could possibly not love graphing calculators? Math teachers, of course...
Screen shots?
Killer Instinct
3277 bytes
A truly amazing game, similar to the old Stick fighter game, but will not give all those 'ERR:MEMORY' errors- Leak free! Also smaller and faster. Supports add-on fatality packs. (Multiplayer support via TI-link coming soon?)
KI Fatality Pack
1098 bytes
Fatalities pack for Killer Instinct. Includes grisly decapitations, roastings and other things best left to the imagination.
1651+235+520=2406 bytes
simcty83.zip (for TI-83)
Quite possibly the only SimCity ever made for the TI-82. Has save/restore with data file integrity checking, built-in multitasking capabilities (city continues to grow while building and on selection screen), and about the most complex AI that one can run on a TI82 at an acceptable speed. The TI-82 and TI-83 versions are nearly identical; some program syntax is changed slightly for compatibility with the 83.
864 bytes
Small, simple, but an overnight hit at LTHS. The idea is to drop bricks on the head of the Dean, who paces back and forth along the bottom of the screen.
1151 bytes
In Daleks, you move about the screen, the evil monsters advancing toward you with every step you take. The idea is to move in such a way as to make them run into (and kill) each other. The only problem with this game is it'll get very slow in later levels, a little CPU intensive for a TI-Basic program.
Air Combat
848 bytes
If you've ever played Balloon Fight on the old NES, you'll know what this one's all about. Basically, fly around trying to clobber the computer opponent, while it tries to do the same to you. A fine game for its size.
Data Exchange
921+197+826=1944 bytes
A program to help test takers help each other, if you know what I mean. The calc-to-calc transfer routines should work, but I have not had the chance to test them. Uses a seperate GetKey text-display module that can be used with other programs. Saves to list variables. There's also an encryption module out there somewhere, but I lost it because my calc's memory ran out (this was before the days of my wonderful Parallel Link)!
Something for the TI-85
663 bytes
All right, I decided to throw in one for the 85. This is a fairly simple string (i.e. Zshell game :) viewer written in 85-Basic. If anyone is interested (bug me about it), I may add some sort of editing feature, maybe turn it into a hex-editor?
Unfinished stuff
Fast Golf
I got sick of waiting for the screen redraws of Brian Hill's otherwise excellent golf game, so I started writing this polygon-based 3D golf program with all sorts of nifty viewing options and a save feature. Unfortunately, due to the same memory constraints mentioned above I did not finish the game last year, and now I'm too busy to do so. Maybe someday...
 *Sizes indicate actual bytes of TI82 memory used.
***Due to massive plagarism and piracy of these programs at my native learning establishment ('learning' more games, natch), I have been forced to edit-protect these programs. Please do not unprotect them. Thanks. ASCII versions will also be available soon.
1. Why the multiple files for some programs? 2. What in the hell is 'The Source'? 3. Where else will I find these TI games? What about Graphlink and homemade link utilities? 4. I have a TI games site of my own. Can I add these files to it?
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