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Bill vs. Craputer
Why stick people should never take Viagra
Flame Gallery 2001 (Nuts, now you know what I was doing Valentines day)

"Regarding local residents attempting to ban sex shops from their neighborhoods: You show me a parent who says he's worried about his child's innocence, and I'll show you a homeowner trying to maintain equity." - George Carlin

Not much to report here...

I know I haven't touched this thing in...forever, but I just couldn't resist. 3 good flames in a couple short weeks, and they were neck-and-neck in my subjective scorings for Flame Points.

 Since I haven't touched this site since the last Ice Age and my hard drive needs a cleaning, I'll dump all the odd stuff I find on it here. K?

Oh, and the next Internet company I catch referring to a personal website as "Content" gets a boot up their ass.

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This is that odd stuff that just pops out of one's brain from time to time. Think of this as that odd stuff dumped from brain to keyboard. Mad rants & ramblings, poetry, and random stuff I've written that bored people may care to waste their time reading...
A page to release some steam about my Macintosh SE, which gave us grief from the moment we got it..I hate that damn thing! I know, I have no right to bitch because ALL computers sucked in 1987, but still, I hate the damn thing!
Windows humor
Free programs I've written
Windows 95 logo screens
The legendary Bill Gates Pie in the Face and Fun Page, customizing, and the Microsoft Piracy Police Time-Waster Page
The Odds & Ends page is where I stuck all the other nifty stuff I couldn't stick anywhere else: random photos (days in the life of your much-beloved webmaster), a search engine spy, links, a fun page for idiots and more...
A mad man (me) puts on his tinfoil beanie and rants of paranoid conspiracies...


TI82 Games

Bastard GeoCities Sysadmin From Hell

Disgruntled Webmasters Ring

The Rippin-On-Geocities department
The FWP everyone loves to hate and I have had an... interesting history. Eventually I realised the stuff I'd created in regard to them was enough to warrant a category all its own.

Amusing Images & Animations, & other media

That infernal Dancing Paperclip offers advice to a Windows user.

Dribble Dicks

Best Viewed With... parody buttons to those "Best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.01496 thru 8.01498 Service Pack B with 24 Million Colours (No More and No Less) at 1024x768 Resolution With Your Head Turned Sideways" buttons that litter the Web.

Dirty 'lil Cupid (animation) - from an incredibly annoying and stupid ICQ chain-letter gag I started around Valentines Day (those Internet Kisses and 50 other dumb chainletters coming in every few minutes on ICQ got me pissed off enough to do it).

The Styx: Violence (a political satire on the whole "Net Blocking Craze" around the time of the Columbine High School shootings)

Free Webspace! The used-car salesmen of the Internet...

Bob Dole Battles Impotence (mp3) - As seen on Audiogalaxy (& Napster?)

Micropimp: Where are they taking you today?

Microsoft Idiot Exploiter pisses me off

Valentines Day Protest: This is not my graphic, I found it someplace, where I don't remember. Please don't sue. (Or at least get in line and wait your turn :) No pushing folks, we're in America...there are enough lawyers for everybody)

Wall Of Shame

Believe it or not, the Internet contains morons. Most of the time they hang around, but every once in a while they escape the walled garden and descend upon my Web site to wreak havoc and poor grammar. I think there's a factory somewhere in Indiana that mass-produces them.

Inbox Flambe 1
Inbox Flambe 2
Flame Week 2001

The Graveyard
Since I'm one of those packrat types that has a hard time tossing anything out, all my deprecated pages are catalogued here. Reasons for their Graveyard status are included.

That stuff that accumulates at the bottom of every personal homepage (disclaimers, webrings, Causes To Support...)

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