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Odds & Ends
All the junk I couldn't find a better place to put.
Photo Gallery 1, 2, and 3
Pix in the life of your Webmaster...
That friggin' Microsoft dancing paperclip assistant.

Revenge of the Dirty Marketing SOBs
They're back, and they're badder than ever....

 Dirty Marketing SOBs
It's those slimy bastards that have been tracking you across the Web like a cow with a radio collar on! Now it's payback time...

Dead Page Graveyard...where old, shitty pages go to die

Can That Damn Spam!
Junk Email is bad, nay, evil. What it is, what to do about it, what not to do about it, and the opportunity to Return To Sender with our on-page SpamBack system. Isn't revenge sweet?

Search Engine Fun
What's everybody else searching for? This page will show you actual searches being done on Webcrawler at this very moment.

How do you keep an idiot busy for hours?

How To Drive Someone Absolutely Insane
(Note: The ideas presented herein may actually work. Use them at your own risk!!)

My TI-82 Games
You probably won't find these anywhere else. Killer Instinct, SimCity, Dean Bean, etc.

Anti-MSIE Scripts
Fight the Microsoft juggernaut! Don't let the Evil Empire take over control of the only free medium left! Take Back Your Internet by setting up some stumbling blocks for the monopoly browser...

Audio Files for Audiophiles
My l'il brother's interview with Bob Dole (AU Audio format, 310K)
Same thing (RealAudio format, 31K)
Bob, tell us more about your battle with impotence...

And if you have a problem with guys in the household with, um, 'bad aim' if you know what I mean, download this graphic and stick it over your toilet...

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