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Pirate's Folly  This is a bogus "warez" page designed specifically for Microsoft's anti-piracy department. Don't click here if you're not from Microsoft!

Free Program Downloads

Here's some free stuff for you. In some cases the (probably not well documented) source code will be included. Don't bug me about "this program sux", etc...if I was any good at programming, I'd have probably tried to dethrone Microsoft by now, and certainly wouldn't be wasting my time listening to mere, non-programming mortals :-Þ~* ...Also, then I could afford some better development tools than Notepad and a shareware BASIC compiler...
CDTraq [download]  [info] (44KB)
CDTraq is a utility to aid in copying CDs onto tape (or other media) most efficiently; it optimizes the CD tack orders so that you can squeeze the most music onto the tape, while minimizing blank tape at the end of each side. Sure, the use of cassettes is quickly going the way of the dodo, but you can use this program just as easily to pack music onto CD-Rs or other recording media.
Nerdpad '98 (ZIP, 29.5 KB)
Tired of that annoying "Can not load Executable files" message that pops up whenever you try to open a program file in Windows' text editor, Wordpad?  This patch program will put those days behind you. Edit program text, discover cheats, or just see what any program has to offer, all from within Wordpad. This version is an update to the classic Nerdpad which adds support for the Windows 98 version of Wordpad.
PopStopper! [download] [info] (ZIP, 40KB)
Is your Web host forcing unsightly pop-up ads on your webpages? This program will stop the pop! PopStopper is the quick way to inoculate entire directories of HTML files against JavaScript popup ads on GeoCities, VirtualAve, Prohosting and other servers.
Signpost (ZIP, 42.8 KB)
The ultimate "Change-Of-Address" tool for your website--Automatically turn your old pages into signposts to a new URL, so you can move your site without losing visitors who have bookmarked or linked to it.

Executive Document Shredder [download] [info] (39.2 KB)

This program erases sensitive documents in such a way that they are completely unrecoverable. Is very fast and extremely effective. Click here for more info...
Phony Fatal (ZIP)  (25.2 KB)
This gag program simulates one of those infamous Windows blue screen of death errors (See Windows 98 Demo). Put it on someone else's computer and let the fun begin!

DOS Prank program (ZIP) (24.2 KB)

This program simulates DOS and gives a fake prompt. It runs actual programs, just like a good DOS prompt should, but randomly spits out error messages, thereby freaking out any unsuspecting victim.

Stikypad (ZIP) (29.3 KB)

 Stikypad is a neat little utility that lets you jot down short notes and flip through them easily. I got the idea for this after typing in a million stray URLs in as many Notepad files. Feel free to put it in your Startup group! Now lets you change the number of pages on the 'notepad'.

 Munchies (ZIP) (35.1 KB)

In Munchies, survival is the name of the game. Make the enemy creatures run into each other, or just hide behind a tree if you're a wimp. Allows you to customize colors and other features.

Textsurf (Vapourware)

A neat utility that will let you browse all text documents in a directory without having to open/close them individually. This project is currently on hold until I've got more time and boredom on my hands.

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