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Brain Dump My @#$% Mac SE Windows stuff Odds & Ends Conspiracy

So why am I putting this garbage on my site? Because it's MY site! So I can put whatever I want on it! Also, I wrote all this stuff and, damn it, I'm not going to let all my hard work go to waste! And finally to use up all these extra Exclamation points! I! have! lying! around! that! I! paid! good! money! for!!

Pirates of Personality - The Ritalin Man
No, I don't like the notion of "personality adjustment" or "behaviour modification"-- especially for the benefit of profitmaking companies, and especially targeting children!

What You Need To Know About WAL-MART
Watch out for these sneeks...their CDs are censored, but they refuse to tell you! Once you find out, you can't return them...

Why I Don't Use Your Shitty Search Engine
This one goes out to all those Search Nazis out there... (ahem Infoseek!)

It's a bird, no its a plane, no.. it's....Calculus Man!
See what that mean ol' Calc teacher made me do?

Screw you guys...I'm going home!
Just bitchin' about Microsoft's nosey Big-Brotherly excuse for a website

 Night to Remember
Isn't it cool when you get drunk at a frat party, get lucky, go to bed smashed and wake up to find poetry on your computer you don't exactly remember writing?

HyperText Marked-up Language
GeoShitties and the "Mark of the Beast"

College Life (A work in progress)

Bastard GeoCities Sysadmin From Hell! More BGFH...
Bastard Geo From Hell #8 by Skewer
GeoJordan's Logs - Also by Skewer.

The Internet Is Dying

As long as I'm on a satire-and-sarcasm tirade on my ex-lover GeoCities...

Who Took My Condoms?
Based on a true story

 Halls of Frustration
Collection of (mostly) all the posts I made to the second-or-third annual NOA Interactive 'em and weep!

Stuff I did for English class senior year (high school), that survived a routine cleaning of my hard drive (like the stuff in the Dead Page Graveyard)

Foolish Games and the hormones that play them (not written yet either)