(links to relevant GeoCities-related content on this site)

Geocities Jokes -- From posts made on the Geo forums, long before Geo was Yahoo. A must-read for Geohaters :)

Censored by GeoCities (and many Links) -- Talks of GeoCities Corp.'s many attempts to silence me. Includes an extensive resource of links to fellow GeoCensor victims, webrings, editorials, GeoSatire and parodies of CensorCities' website.

If you've had similar experiences, please feel free to place this GeoCensored graphic on your website

 Bastard Geocities Sysadmin From Hell (BGFH) -- Have you ever seen Bastard Operator From Hell or Bastard User From Hell?

GeoCities Song Parodies -- From a song parody contest on the GeoSucks mailing list.

The GeoPop Page -- One of the resources GeoCities has attempted to censor, both on and off its own servers. Describes the 'GeoPop' in "a humorous and satirical manner" (yeah) ... continues with a more serious look on how these 'dangerous' ads can negatively affect your computer, even causing it to crash directly ... and finishes up by giving you THE CODE to get rid of popup ads on any GestapoCities homepage!

Geo Conspiracies -- Exploring the dark doings behind-the-scenes at GeoCities

GeoCities' actions against the GeoCensored Webring -- A collection of email from a competing Web host explaining how GeoCities managed to bring down all sites that dared join a particular Webring (including myself!) from various non-Geo servers, and nearly got the ring itself destroyed on Oddly enough, GeoCities claims that it did nothing of the sort. Hm, funny, in light of all the other censoring, legal threats, etc. Geo has been using against its critics I don't think the other provider is making this up...

Page that domain hits get kicked to -- They've blocked my email because I'm a known threat to their profitability (I wrote the GeoPop page, after all)...turnabout is only fair play. A script on the index page kicks Java-abiding Geos to this page.

GeoCities Banner Ad Parodies -- I rewrote a few of Geo's totally bogus banners to make them more, uh, truthful....

HyperText Marked-Up Language -- GeoShitties Watermark Page, as a supplement to the infamous GeoPop Page

and last but not least (okay, probably)
Page O' Disclaimers -- A disclaimer page I made as a direct result of GeoFear, seeing the actions they have taken against their other critics, and hoping a proper disclaimer would at least give me a legal leg to stand on if I should find myself hauled into court one day...

GeoCities is a trademark and/or servicemark of GeoCities Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Please see the Page O' Disclaimers for more info.