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Bandwidth Crunch!
From the fat-pipes-dont-grow-on-trees dept.
This Saturday, Juny 7 2001, I got an urgent Bandwidth ALERT mail from my Web host saying that at the current rate of usage, my max. monthly bandwidth would be exceeded (about $1.40 overage). Sunday I got another one, but by then the estimate had jumped to about $74! That's in ONE day. Due to rising popularity of CEXX.ORG and some of the topics covered, and news articles directing loads of traffic to the server, it's expected that the site will munch well over 6GB before the end of this month. Which is a bummer, because my what-do-you-expect-for-9-bucks-a-month hosting plan only allows 2GB. (Ya, the first few are cheap, and then they jack up the price :)

Boy, I feel like a cheap Media Whore
Holy rock salt Batman, that's a lot of hits!

I guess now is the time to ask you, my loyal readers, for advice. Do I grovel for money and donations? Place advertising/affiliate/buy-stuff links on the site, potentially alienating those who have come to trust the site's objectivity and lack of commercial invasion? Move off to a cheaper, slower, less-reliable host? (CEXX.ORG may have outgrown Dreamhost's cheapie plan, but the server was always fast and downtime virtually nil :) Start selling off my vital organs? Sell my body for sex? (Damn, I can't even GIVE it away! Such a world...) Hmmm, Sex for CEXX, I kinda like the sound of that. In the meantime, expect to see high-traffic pages/graphics shrinking, disappearing or being moved to other servers as I try to avoid the clawhammer of hefty bandwidth overage fees and Info Tapes Guy.

Anyway, the time has come for you to give me advice on how to proceed. Please send your comments to money @ this domain! And if you happen to be a rich widow who would rather give us money for hosting expenses than bequeath it to your 137 cats, you can always send a cheque to my Domainholder or Paypal a few bucks to paypal @ this domain.

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