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Sometimes used by Adware/Foistware: BackWeb Client

Backweb is a generic, background downloading tool that software vendors can incorporate into their product to download data (e.g. product updates) to the user's PC. Its operation depends on the instructions given to it by the individual software vendor who bundles it. While this software has been neither exhonorated nor convicted of malice, some aspects of its installation and operation appear suspect. Additionally, some users have associated it with the appearance of unwanted advertising windows.

BackWeb / BackWeb Light Client
This family of products is described on the BackWeb homepage. It is a small program whose purpose is to download software or other content from the Internet. It is often bundled as part of a 3rd-party software package for the purpose of automatically downloading product updates, but others have included it for the purpose of downloading unsolicited advertising or installing unwanted software (foistware). What the Backweb client downloads is entirely dependent on what the 3rd-party developer tells it to download; it does not do its own bidding.

Some developers use this product to produce functionality similar to DSSAGENT and CameoCast that downloads "news flashes" (or as described by the users, "marketing popups") from the company's Web site, and this is why we have it listed here as a potentially unwanted product.

Some products we know of that use Backweb include:


If you did not knowingly install Backweb, or are noticing unwanted advertisements appearing on your computer, you might try disabling or removing this product. Backweb (or more specifically, the one installed with the Western Digital products) does not appear to come with an uninstall option. 

The easiest way to disable the program is to rename it, e.g. from backweb.exe to backweb.ex_ . Note that if the program is used for a legitimate or wanted purpose (such as automatic software updating or displaying news, etc.), these will no longer happen automatically.

If you are sure you don't need it for anything, find and delete the BackWeb folder, normally in C:\Program Files.

WD Data Lifeline BackWeb Lite Installer (DLGLI.EXE)
This appears to use the BackWeb product to quietly install unknown items onto your computer. When installing Western Digital Data Lifeline, a reference to DLGLI.EXE is placed in the Windows StartUp folder so that it is loaded at startup. Similar to the Gator install stub, the software slowly downloads ("trickles") the software onto the system.


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