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Foistware: New Net, Inc. FirstLook Search Portal
Some versions of the New.Net client (starting at approximetaly version 4.50, and ending at some unknown point in the future) include an additional component that pops up ads for, a paid-placement search portal. The popup currently appears once per day, whether or not a browser is open. More information from users is available in these forums. According to staff, it's all just a misunderstanding and 100% opt in. The unfortunate recipients, however, do not remember any such opting in. The Firstlook code appears to have been quietly slipped in with an auto-update of the client, leading even longtime Newdotnet sycophants to cry foul. At the time this article was first published, made the claim that the Firstlook component "was released to a limited number of users and is no longer in circulation" (9/3/2002), although on our test installation, installed by visiting the homepage (9/7/2002), Firstlook code was installed. at this point acknowledged the continued existance of the Firstlook ad module, but stated that the popup had been disabled.
In a break from tradition, the client now appears to be sporting a GUID. In our test installation, this ID appeared as:
"id=firstlooked7a8e987fc9d40bd41e343" .
The client transmits the ID to this page at intervals, and receives some display information relating to the Firstlook popup.
Installation method:

As mentioned, the Firstlook code was automatically installed by the client (foistware). According to, it may also be installed by certain free software such as movie players and file-sharing clients. The client may be installed via free software downloads (such as file-sharing clients) and the and Firstlook Web sites.
Removal procedure:
When the Firstlook code is installed, a removal entry is placed in Windows' Add/Remove Programs dialogue. It appears as "Firstlook Portal". You can highlight this entry and select Add/Remove to remove it. We also recommend removing the client from the same location, to prevent the possible installation of additional foistware programs in the future.

Firstlook Privacy Policy and cached version
Firstlook Terms of Use and cached version

Both are rather harsh.
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