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The issues!
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Volume 3, Issue 1 - December 11 2002

Volume 2, Issue 9 - April 20 2002
Volume 2, Issue 8 - February 27 2002
Volume 2, Issue 7 - January 15 2002

Volume 2, Issue 6 - November 25 2001

Volume 2, Issue 5 - November 10 2001

Volume 2, Issue 4 - October 2001

Volume 2, Issue 3 - October 2001

Volume 2, Issue 2 - September 2001

Volume 2, Issue 1 - August 2001

Volume 1, Issue 2 - April 2001

Volume 1, Issue 1 - Nov-Dec 2000

THE RAG's Editorial Policy
Unlike some student newspapers, we actually PRINT the articles and letters students send us:

THE RAG is an independent, uncensored, student-run and student-written publication. It has no official publishing schedule and is produced when enough news and articles are available to warrant publication.
THE RAG welcomes anonymous and signed articles, letters to the editor, and other submissions. While we value free expression and will not impose ideological censorship on our publication, THE RAG will only publish materials that comply with federal and state laws, and reserves the right to reject submissions or edit them for clarity and/or space. Typewritten submissions and images can be sent to ANONYMOUS SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME.
THE RAG's Editorial Submission Guidelines
While we are all for free speech, a few guidelines are necessary to keep things civil and worth reading.

The 5 W's!
The story of THE RAG.

WHAT (is this abomination of our Midwestern values)?

THE RAG is an independent student newsletter published by one or more students of Tri-State University. An "underground newspaper", if you will. For obvious reasons THE RAG is not, and probably never will be, supported by the University in any way, shape or form. There is no official publication schedule; a new issue is unveiled when we get enough ranting and raving from the student body to scrape together into a paper.
THE RAG is published on authentic 8.5 x 11 printer paper (inkjet--nice!) and posted in the dorms where just about everybody is guaranteed the ability to share in the experience, at least until University staff rip 'em all down (more on this later!)  The electronic version is available on this Web site and sometimes contains material omitted from the print version due to space limitations.
WHY (are y'all producing this abomination of our Midwestern values)?
Come on, do you really think the "offical" student newspaper would print stories like this? In the third notch of the Bible Belt, you can expect the atmosphere to be a tad restrictive. With the demise of WEAX and new anti-publication rules in the dorms, not many avenues remain for student expression. Our goal is to tell it like it is, providing a student outlet for all the controversial and unpopular views that could otherwise sit in the cranial cavity and fester. THE RAG has one additional goal, though--to be worth reading. The "official" newspaper reads, well, like a newspaper. That's fine if you really want to know who the newest members of XYZ Fraternity are or why you're not a good enough Christian, or some fluffy article about why the costly renovations of such-and-such dorm (now renamed to "J. Random Suchandsuch Memorial Dorm Facility") are necessary and beneficial to students instead of a creative way to sell more edifice namespace while wasting many a tuition dollar in the process. Plus, THE RAG doesn't turn your fingers black!
WHO (should the University sue)?
Whomever the heck they want, as long as it's not us. It's called the First Amendment! THE RAG values the anonymity of its editors, writers and contributors and will not disclose identities at the request of University officials.

For obvious reasons, nobody would like to get busted for being so subversive and free-thinking in the midst of the Flat Earth Society and its evil influences. Considering that the first dorm-wide publication of THE RAG had a lifespan of ~ 12 hours, there are certain parties that hold such things in low esteem.

WHERE (is all this filthy Independent Thought coming from)?
THE RAG is laid out on a privately-owned computer somewhere in the state of Indiana. It is printed on a privately-owned inkjet printer somewhere in the state of Indiana. Articles are written by the Editors and students somewhere get the idea.
WHEN (do we get to burn the next issue)?
THE RAG does not have an "official" publishing schedule like some papers. This is because we only publish something when we have something worth publishing. Wouldn't it just suck to have to read another fluffy article about Circle Jerk sponge-bathing the old folks or important announcement about the next Students Against Just About Everything demonstration?


The Backing Vocals!

Even with the finest in Tri-Stapo evasion technologies, we couldn't do it alone. First off, we'd like to thank the "editorial staff" of THE RAG, for their dedication to the arduous task of ranting and bitching into the wee hours of the night, with obvious and legendary disregard for life & limb. We'd also like to thank those anonymous souls who risk their Salvation to step out from the shadows of the bleating herd long enough to share a novel thought for this evil, evil publication we call THE RAG. Finally, we'd like to thank the nice folks at, the world's leading provider of asbestos undergarments, for providing a nonpartisan article dropbox and the delete-resistant space necessary to rant and bitch freely.
The First Publication
The first publication of THE RAG was in an ideal, low-cost, wide-reach area--the dormitory bathroom stalls. Not only is this a place most University administrivia fear to tread, but considering the effects of eating Cafeteria food on a regular basis (pardon the choice of wording), this was the ideal way to reach the student audience at least several times a day. Unfortunately, not 24 hours after THE RAG graced the swinging doors of justice, they all mysteriously disappeared without a trace! An obvious work of Student Services (SS) sabotage if ever there was one. While THE RAG staff searches for a less fragile distribution method, this online RAG repository will serve as the most reliable method of getting it out to the masses (that's you!)
THE RAG, Dead-Tree Style
Issues of THE RAG formatted for actual paper & ink can be found here (Word 97 format). Feel free to print out a few and pass 'em around--don't let the Tri-Stapo catch you!
 For those thinking something along the lines of "Uh, First Amen-whaaaaaat????", you may refresh your memory here.

THE RAG is the independent creative work of one or more TSU students. CEXX.ORG functions as an infomediary and is not responsible for its contents. All copyrights are retained by the author(s).