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 Tools - HitlerCities Nark Form 
The Nark Form is provided to help you help us keep HitlerCities clean and appealing to Advertisers, per the TOS agreement you signed in blood when you signed up for your HitlerCities account. If you are unsure of whether a site is in violation one of our Teachers should be able to help you.
By using the Nark Form, you're doing yourself a favor. The more sites you can get nuked for TOS violations, the more space you clear up on our servers, hence the more Megabytes we can give out to you. Additionally, each person you get kicked out means more availible bandwidth for you--faster access for you and your eyeball...er, visitors! In addition to these benifits, you get a kickback for each site you successfully nuke. This is just our way of saying "Thanks!" for making us that much more profitable. The most productive nuker-narkers can apply for fulltime jobs here at HitlerCities. 
"Teachers are directed to instruct their pupils. . .to awaken in them a sense of responsibility towards the State. . .pride in their membership in the HitlerCities community. . .and the will to co-operate in the purification of the HitlerCities stock. Instruction is to begin with the youngest pupils, in accordance with the desire of the HitlerCities Admin "that no boy or girl" should leave without complete knowledge of the necessity and meaning of blood purity."
Nark 'em Out! 
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Nature of the violation: 


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Thank you!  
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