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 Funstuff: Content Violator Ridicule Page 
This GeoPillory page is provide to taunt and ridicule our most recent Content Guidelines Violators--people who thought they were above the law, or thought for a second that they could get away with it! 
Violations for This Week: 
/Gulags/DeepDarkPit/2481 was Booted...for Pissing Off an Advertiser 
/WindyCity/Hurricane/4623 Jailed...for Kitty Porn 

/ConcentrationCamps/4222 Nuked....for being an Asshole (as defined by 12 USC 953.1 chapter 7) 
/DeathValley/Desert/9216 IP-blocked...for trying to launch undercover investigations @ HitlerCities 
/Gulags/DankDungeon/1280 Terminated...for resisting a Lobotomy and failing to report to our HitlerCities Deprogramming camp (brainwash.html) 
/MentalInstitution/Bellvue/3917 Institutionalized...for being one uuugly motherf*cker 
/WitnessProtection/Nowhere/8331 Snipered...for sporting a Blue Ribbon on their site and/or person 
/BigBrother/Telescreens/7083 Spammed to death...for complaining about Spam 
/WhiteTrash/Trailerpark/9012 got Beat Up...for being a sore loser in our Featured Neighbor Program 
/SiliconCity/CyberTower/1389 Harassed...for abating Javascript CrashAds with <NOSCRIPT> and saving his/her readers from reinstalling Windows '95 for the third time this week 
/TackyRestaurants/Hooters(tm)/6858 Castrated...for references to Monica Lewinsky 
/BigBrother/DarkEyes/4096 Turned Inside Out...for using Cookies to track and monitor visitors--Only we're allowed to do that! 
/Whiners/Asylum/1113 Drowned...for attempting to lodge a complaint w/ our blackhole..uhm.. i mean Complaint Form... 
/CamelCountry/Sandhill/9582 Thrown Off a Cliff...for smokin' in the boys room 

 'Based on Article One of the decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State.... you are taken into protective custody in the interest of public security and order.
Reason: Suspicion of activities dangerous to the state.'

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