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 Pryvacy Policy 
Page generated for Michael Smith   
Welcome back to our Privacy page, Mike! You've been back three times in the past week, you must really like it! Anyway, here's our privacy policy. 
HitlerCities may collect information such as race, religion, mother's maiden name, passwords for other sites, marital status, income, lifestyle, sexual orientation, Social Security number, credit card #, and phone # as a Service to help us serve you better. This information is collected for statistical, aggregate demographic purposes only. 
By the way Mike, how are the kids? That's good. I hear your youngest cut his first tooth yesterday, you must be proud of the li'l devil! (A special Informational Mailing has been sent for you with a list of participating dentists...) 
We use Cookies to track your movements throughout our domain. These Cookies tell us what interests you, what your sexual preferences and fetishes are most likely to be, what your hobbies are, and what your friends are probably like. We use this information for the devious purpose of targeting our advertising more effectively and selling the info we've collected (to lawyers, blackmailers, your insurance provider, etc.) 
BTW, how was that teengirlies.com porno site you surfed in from last week? Did they have any really young ones? The HitlerCities webmaster wanted me to ask...  Oh yeah, and that Warez King's l33cH PaGe we saw you on Wednesday...I hope you didn't download anything! The Feds will be coming tomorrow morning... 
We use Click Tracking on our 'navigation' banners to see where you came from and what kind of pages are more conducive to putting you in a buying mood. We then try to tailor the HitlerCities experience to you by feeding you more of these pages, because you obviously like them. 
We tell the people whose sites your surf to from HitlerCities who you are, what you're like and what you're most likely to buy. They then pay us an undisclosed sum for this information, which we use to invest in better tracking to serve you even better! 
Any attempt to foil, subvert of compromise the accuracy of our targeting will result in pers...er, prosecution! We're not kidding! Here at HitlerCities, we don't let nobody futz with our profitability! 

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