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HitlerCities is proud to provide what is claimed to be a 'free' home page and email service at the expense of our members, sitting back on comfy chairs while their sweat & toil brings in advertising money. Please visit one or more of our moneymakers today. 

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 Our Shit List 
The HitlerCities Shit List system is provided as a service to our members, limiting their exposure to the Truth, competitors' offers, and the work of good samaritans of any kind, for their own benefit. Shit List enforcement comes in the form of bans, blocks, Denial Of Service attacks (aka Winnuke), mailbounces, and attempts to keep people on the Shit List quiet by forging Usenet cancels, sending large, armed GeoStapo to their houses, zotzing any and all HTML they write on any server, and eventually forging enough spam using their return address to get them booted off their ISP. If you know someone who belongs on our Shit List, please email us with the most detailed personal info you can provide (street address and telephone number are always nice) and as much Dirty Laundry as you can dig up on them to make our work easier. They've got unpaid parking tickets, you say? Eeexcelllent...  Talking to animals? Mmm, good stuff for the mental hospital to know. 
Block Lists 
We use the most advanced blocking technology to ensure that unauthorized users do not view your website. Unauthorized users include Microsoft's opponents, search engines, and anyone who is an opponent to the HitlerCities empire. We keep very detailed lists to ensure that they cannot access through systems such as Anonymizer or multiple ISPs. 
Mail Lists 
These are maintained to keep anyone who dares dislike HitlerCities from getting within striking distance via emailing our servants. Folks on the Mail shitlist include any and all HitlerCities competitors, existant or not. 
Mail Sniffer 
The HitlerCities Mail-sniffing spiders scan all incoming and outgoing email to keep important HitlerCities (dis)info private, as well as keep anyone with an ax to grind with HitlerCities from actually grinding it. The mail sniffer spider scans mail for keywords such as 'geoshitties' and 'noscript' and adds both the sender and the recipient to the Mail shitlist. 
Writers List 
The Writers List is maintained to keep detailed profiles of anyone who dares criticise HitlerCities, so that the information collected may be used against them at a later date. We have several Private I's working round-the-clock to snarf up as much good, useful dirt as they can on those who complain, criticise, or write HitlerCities parody pages. Any critic page found will be spidered, saved, and then nuked off whatever server using whatever means. We can do that becaus we are God. Here at HitlerCities, we don't take shit off nobody! 
Again, if you know someone who belongs on the Shit List, let us know as soon as possible! And if you believe you have erroneously been added to the Shit List, please contact us via the Contact Form. 
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