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HitlerCities is proud to provide what is claimed to be a 'free' home page and email service at the expense of our members, sitting back on comfy chairs while their sweat & toil brings in advertising money. Please visit one or more of our moneymakers today. 
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A Word On Spam 
HitlerCities does not spam. Nor does HitlerCities permit any of its members to spam unless HitlerCities gets a major cut. If you are receiving spam that appears to come from the HitlerCities domain, it is forged. If you wish to complain about it anyhoo, a Complaint Form has been provided for your convenience. 
The most common form of spam is email spam, unsolicited junk mail that winds up in your inbox with (forged) HitlerCities headers. We routinely offer a special deal on members' email addresses, about 15-20¢ for each valid address provided. Our Advertisers are responsible and would never, ever use these address lists to send our members unsolicited email. These addresses are provided for anonymous, aggregate demographic purposes only. Again, if you are receiving spam from one of our Advertisers it is probably forged, but anyway do NOT complain about it and do NOT accuse the Advertiser of spamming. Your account will be nuked immediately and you may face legal charges. 
Email spamming isn't the only form of abusive advertising you may encounter here on HitlerCities. Our other forms of spam include our patented Javascript CrashAds, GeoThornInYourSide 'navigation' ad banner, and a special IE4 virus that will automatically add links to HitlerCities to your desktop. Our CrashAds are pop-up windows that appear "infrequently" (1:1 odds) and are served alongside HitlerCities servants' pages. They do not alter the page in any way except for the "This program has performed an illegal operation" box that appears on top of it. These are also easy to close, either by clicking 'Close' or punching the Reset button to reboot and unfreeze your computer. GeoThornInYourSide ads must be copied into the servant's HTML pages and reactivated with our Reactivation Form that seldom works, on a weekly basis to hopefully prevent CrashAds from showing up and crashing the viewer's browser. These CrashAds are easily foiled with the <NOSCRIPT> tag, however, since we grep around for <NOSCRIPT> on a weekly basis you will not encounter many still-existant pages that use it. (If you do, please secure more bandwidth for your greedy self by ratting them out on our HitlerCities Nark Form.) 
If you would like to be added to our 'Do-not-spam' list, please type your email address in the space provided. 
'Do-Not-Spam' list maintained by Cyber Promotions, Inc. 
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