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HitlerCities is proud to provide what is claimed to be a 'free' home page and email service at the expense of our members, sitting back on comfy chairs while their sweat & toil brings in advertising money. Please visit one or more of our moneymakers today. 

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Welcome to HitlerCities! Thank you for choosing HitlerCities to fulfill your 'free' home page and email needs. You're just a few short minutes away from being  an unpaid HitlerCities employee! But before you begin, we're required by law to share a few dirty secrets with you. 
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There, that wasn't so bad, was it? (Wait, what's that? We've gotta share it in a manner such that people can actually read it? Oh, crap...) 
Well, all the dirty secrets are hidden in various locations on this site. Surf thru all the other pages and you'll have read all that junk the new law requires that we mention. Stay far away from our Pry-vacy Policy, Advertising Info and  Disinformation pages; they have nothing to offer you. However, before you set up your homepage you have to read the TOS / Content Guidelines: 
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Now that you've read our TOS, you must be deprogrammed. The deprogramming process is painless, quick and highly effective in quelling those improper thoughts you may be having about HitlerCities or what to put on your page. Deprogramming will brainwash and render you more complacent to CrashAds, hitlerific content restrictions, and server problems, and is spiritually rewarding to boot; most members return to deprogramming on a weekly basis. 
Get Your Thoughts Fixed via Deprogramming
Well, buddy, looks like our work is done here! Now that you've had a refreshing mental shower, time to get crackin' on that homepage for us. 
Your Friends, 

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